Taqa Entertainment seeks to be the market leader in family-oriented entertainment.  We will deliver entertainment, through our products and services that bring families together in their living rooms with blissful delight no matter what the age difference.  We will create content that stimulates the senses and feeds the imagination but also captures the heart and minds of families all over the world.  TAQA exist to bring excellent entertainment that renews, refreshes and inspires.  We envision a world where TV, radio, music, and media does not divide but unites individuals with content that is compelling, engaging and safe. We endeavor to build global entertainment networks where music, media, and content creators can have an outlet for their dreams but understand their ideas exist for a purpose greater than themselves and have the potential to impact communities all over the world.








Taqa Entertainment is a company dedicated to helping music, media and content creators thrive.  We endeavor to help content creators by enhancing what they do and empowering them with the tools necessary to win in the new marketplace.  We believe that every customer wants to build something successful, and we want to be that extra helping hand.




We endeavor to use our resources and facilities to bring creator’s vision to optimal standards and prepare their products for market consumption.  We understand that creators need time and space to create and therefore we see our firm as a strategic partner.  In addition to product enhancement, we will provide business consultation and share our networks in order to grow your market share.




Our dedication serves to a greater goal and this is to cultivate a new standard in the entertainment industry that gives you inspiring blockbuster entertainment enjoyable by the whole family.




We will accomplish this by directly influencing music, media, and content creators to create products that are not just exceptionally great but are safe for family consumption and can have a positive impact on communities.




Core Values:




    Commitment-Committing to excellent products, services, and standards that impact lives within and outside the organization.  We also commit to having fun doing what we love.  We believe in teamwork that makes the dream work.




    Integrity- We endeavor to engage in honest business and financial transactions.  We encourage honesty and honor without comprise.  We endeavor to cultivate an environment free from the absence of trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, avoidance of accountability and inattention to results. We encourage healthy living (mind, soul, and body) inside and outside of the organization.




    Generosity- We endeavor to give generously to our employees so that they can give generously to others.  We encourage employees to use their resources to bless those in need.




    Innovation-We endeavor to break from the status quo to march into uncharted realms with our products and services.  We will help set a new course for the entertainment industry that honors Family Values.