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Marcus Graye


Marcus Gray Bio Pic 2As a young boy growing up between Cincinnati, Ohio and New York City, Marcus Graye had an immediate passion for hip hop. An admirer from a young age, Graye wrote his first rap verse for his classroom show and tell at the age of seven. During his adolescence Graye’s ear automatically tuned to well known rappers Tupac, Notorious BIG, Scarface, and Nas, of which he describes as major influences.

As a man of faith, Marcus Graye yearned to transform the hip hop community and impart more than just messages of misogyny, greed, and the constant strife that existed in the rap battle culture.

Through his upcoming groundbreaking EP, Marcus Graye speaks with a vocal strength that rivals hip-hop’s current line up. Understanding the impact of music on the soul, Graye delivers songs with thought provoking lyrical content, accompanied by strong and innovative electronic production.


Armed with conviction and creativity, Graye audaciously paints a thought provoking lyrical picture that will challenge a new generation beyond the socially acceptable.